The 5 most underrated romantic songs


No idea which tunes you can use to woo your significant other this year? We have inspiration enough! Here are the 5 most underrated romantic songs so you can set the right atmosphere on Valentine’s Day! 

#5 With me – Sum 41

Alright, it isn’t the sappy, slow and warm song you probably expected. But with Sum 41 being one of the last active bands in the pop-punk scene, they absolutely deserve to be listed with this pure, honest and edgy song. The frustration in Sum’s voice, with its razor-sharp edge that made the band bloom in the first place, works in a delightfully pleasant way with the loving words and soft piano riff. Great song when you’re into love songs in general, but not into… you know – the sappy, super warm and fuzzy ones.


#4 Songbird – Fleetwood Mac

So, when you are into slow, warm and fuzzy songs, you should absolutely go for this classic amongst classics of Fleetwood Mac. Because… Well, it’s Fleetwood Mac, to begin with. They’re geniuses.

Secondly, the song is so pure and simple with just the singing, the piano and a little bit of guitar… You’ll just want to drop everything and listen. Just listen. And that’s what a good love song ought to do, isn’t it?


#3 Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra

Do we really need to explain this one? It’s Sinatra, for crying out loud – basically the personification of timeless seductive and romantic music. PURE GENIUS, THIS GUY. Quite the ladies’ man too, we might assume.


#2 Better – Banks

Yes, it’s quite Indie. Yes, it’s quite alternative. But do you know what this mostly is? So. Friggin’. Good. Seriously. If you didn’t know her yet: this is your chance to discover every song you can possibly find on this amazing singer-songwriter. The feelings she expresses in her music are so raw, real and out there… You won’t help but loving her. You are very welcome.


#1 Some Unholy War – Amy Winehouse

Admittedly, it is known our dear Amy did not always choose the… ‘right’ man. But boy, could she write and sing about them! Take these great (and yes, sometimes tragic) love stories, put them in that unmistakably Winehouse-R&B-soul-jacket… And you end up with this song, which crawls right under your skin - and stays there.


Enjoy the love, darlings!

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