Percussion instruments: why are they awesome?


We probably have said it before, but playing a percussion instrument is bloody amazing. But why? And what are you missing out on when you’re not playing one? Well, except providing some sick beats and looking freakin’ awesome on a stage… It also provides quite some health benefits. Whuuut? Yes, really.  

#1 Obviously, it’s a form of exercise.

Because you can’t, you just can’t, tell us you’ve never seen the sweaty-as-hell drummers at the back of the stage during a concert. And they’re not faking it, either! Because the repetitive and lengthy movements that come with the job, they do count as a crazy workout. So yes. You can play the drums ànd eat pizza with your buddies afterwards. Win-win, isn’t it? Yes. Yes, sire!

#2 Bang the stress away!

Does it surprise you? It possibly can’t: you can smash a stick against another object, without having nasty repercussions (haha, get it? re-percussion?). And if you’re a good smasher of the stick, you might even get a catchy tune out of it!

#3 Want to be ambidextrous? Possible!

Don’t you think it’s so totally annoying you can rule the world with one hand, but can’t successfully hold a fork with the other? That just doesn’t make any sense, it just doesn’t. And that saddens us. But don’t fear, percussion instruments are here! Because playing a percussion instrument has proven to improve ambidexterity over time. Cool!

#4 Wanna get smarter? Start drumming!

Perhaps this one arrives a bit too late for you, but you can pass this knowledge on to your mini-me’s. Because it’s scientifically proven that children who start playing an instrument at a young age, will probably have better verbal memory and reading abilities. Awesome.

#5 Who never wants to get ill again? Oh, right. EVERYBODY DOES.

It’s said that drummers possess higher levels of – insert the coolest scientific name ever - ‘natural killer cells’. And no, not only the name of this stuff is cool. Because basically this awesome fella’s make sure your body has an accelerated immune response. This way, you’ll not only feel fitter, but it will also help you fight diseases!


There you go. Now you know exactly how awesome it is to play a percussion instrument. Impressed? You should be!