How to avoid very painful musician injuries (scared yet?)


Did you know that not only athletes, but also musicians often suffer from injuries as a consequence of their job or passion? Well, you should. After all, these injuries can bring some unwelcome and lasting repercussions along with them. This is why you should read along and remember following 5 tips on avoiding the most common injuries. You’re welcome!  

It’s all about attitude.

Every time you pick your instrument up, you should make sure you’re positioned correctly. Make sure you have a straight posture: this doesn’t only prevent back and neck injuries, but a good posture also helps you playing more smoothly. When you’re keeping this correct positioning up, you’ll notice less strain when playing for a long(er) time.


Don’t skip your warm-up. Ever.

Yes, the warm-up part of playing an instrument isn’t exactly glamorous or especially cool. And you probably just want to start slamming some awesome tunes out of your instrument right away. Yes, well, don’t. Warm-up exercises exist for a reason: every part of your body that you use for playing the instrument at hand, needs to be prepared and stretched properly. It’s a small effort with a big return on investment: because, no lasting pains for the rest of your life, you see.


Be a good musician girl or boy.

In other ways: keep away from bad playing techniques. We know they are very seductive and they may seem so cool and dangerous. But trust us, they aren’t good for you. So be a good girl or boy, and listen to your teacher when (s)he tells you about the correct positioning and playing techniques. Your body (and health insurance) will thank you!


Are you and your instrument a great match?

You know what? Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And when you start to notice that the relationship between you and your instrument consists more and more of fighting, and less and less of good moments … You might just consider breaking it off and looking for the next best thing. Because sometimes, the size, weight and/or shape of the instrument just doesn’t match your expectations. And that’s okay! We just want you to be happy, you know.


Your body knows best.

And we oughtta know this. When you have to pee, you pee, right? And when you’re hungry or thirsty, you eat or drink. it’s easy as that. So, the next time when your practicing, and your body is tired or aching… Just listen to the poor fella and give him a break. Cut yourself some slack and listen to your body when it’s indicating it’s tired. Because you know what? When you rest for a while, you’ll play all the better after the break. And also, you won’t have to deal with very painful injuries for the rest of your life, and all that.


Great! So now you know what to do if you don’t want to deal with painful arms, legs, backs, necks, throats or other bodyparts used for playing an instrument. Keep this tips in minds and… enjoy your happy, painless, safe and totally responsible music playing!

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