Newsflash: Two new Scarlett OctoPres make adding inputs easy!


Good news everyone. Focusrite brings us a new generation of Scarlett OctoPre, with eight Scarlett mic preamps, 192 kHz conversion and ADAT connectivity. Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic adds analogue compression and 8-channel D-A, too.



So what are the features common to both OctoPres? Good question! You're in for a treat.

First of all: Eight natural-sounding 2nd generation Scarlett mic pres with mic/line inputs, with two instrument inputs. This to deliver a superb sound with plenty of gain, low noise and extra headroom.

Focusrite also worked on A-D conversion precision. For recording or mixing up to 109dB dynamic range. High-resolution audio stands for itself. Both Scarlett OctoPres support 24-bit A-D conversion at sample rates up to 192 kHz.

Ever heard of the song "Plug In Baby"? Well, that's what you can do, too. Plug straight in. Two of the mic pres feature high headroom instrument inputs, with plenty of headroom to handle even seriously hot pick-ups without clipping or unwanted distortion.

The preamps are optimized to handle extreme levels from sound sources, such as kick drum or snare. So it goes without saying that the two new Scarlett OctoPres are great for drums!

Furthermore: Eight line outputs (perfect for live work), accurate metering and level control (Five-segment LED metering on every channel plus 2nd generation gain controls), simple ADAT connectivity (connect Scarlett OctoPre instantly via optical cables to any audio interface with ADAT inputs), 48v Phantom power (available on every channel) and state-of-the-art digital clocking (for super-stable clocking performances)!



Additional Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic Features!

Opening with: Analogue compression. To keep your inputs under control, thanks to this easy-to-use, all-analogue, single-control "soft-knee" compression system. Making it a tighter sound.

Also: Eight channels of D-A. Focusrite precision 24-bit, 108 dB dynamic range D-A conversion. This fed by dual ADAT inputs, to provide eight channels at up to 96 kHz!

And finally: Analogue line outputs. Fed from either D-A or directly from the inputs.

Impressive, right?!

Check out the Focusrite website for more info and enjoy these two hot new Scarlett OctoPres!