Haaave you met… the state-of-the-art D’Addario Planet Waves CT 15 Tuner?


tuner_geenachtergrondWell, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? As it rightfully should be, by the way: because this teeny tiny device brings so much petite magnificence and comfort along, it deserves its impressive name. Want to know more about this little hero? Happy coincidence! Because Stef, our very own product specialist, can’t wait to tell you all about it. Ready? Set? Tune!


It’s good to finally see you, you magnificent bastard.

The CT 15 is a sound hole tuner for acoustic guitars. Why it’s so great? Well, firstly you can set it up very quickly and very easily in the sound hole of your guitar. It takes up so little space, that you’ll be able to carry it around wherever you please – which is perfect for everybody who’s on the road a lot.

And you know what? Despite its discreetness, it’s unbelievably accurate. But, like, seriously accurate. And to top it off with the musical cherry on top… It’s very, very cheap – which makes it a perfect gift for a lot of occasions. (you know, for people who do actually play the acoustic guitar. If not, this gift may be received with a slightly confused expression. Just warning you.)


Although this is a small one, you’ll definitely be able to easily locate it in our store. Come check it out!