Haaave you met… the Blackstar Lt echo 10?


blackstar_geenachteergrondNo? Well, that’s a shame now, isn’t it? That’s why Stef, our very own product specialist, can’t wait to introduce this little champion to you. Ready? Set? Amplify!


Nice to meet you, you amplifying superstar!

This little amplifier is a small 10W amp, featuring two channels with very simple dials. Enjoy the very simple EQ, with merely a little switch to turn on or off your overdrive signal. Next to this, it also features a very cool delay effect which you can switch on and off by simply pushing the button. By turning the ‘delay’ knob, you can efficiently dial in the delay time of your effect. Easy as pie!


Another cool thang!

Want another cool feature? Not. A. Problem! After all, the Blackstar Lt echo 10 comes with a separate headphone output, which is completely independent of the speaker in the amplifier. Besides this, it’s full stereo and it’s linked directly to the amp – not to the speaker. And this is a unique feature for this product, especially in this price range!


So, yeah. You should definitely keep this cool little fella’ in mind!