About the five most empowering female musicians right now


On the 8th of March, women worldwide celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of their gender through International Women’s Day. And because of this joyous event, we're taking a look at the five most empowering female musicians at the moment – or at least, the ones we think deserve to be called that way.


Next to the incredible talent this wonderful lady brings to the table, she’s also known for being a feminist – without being angry and upset all the time. Yes, she said she finds purpose in motherhood, but that doesn’t mean she’s not kicking some girly ass every single day. That being said: she proclaims that everyone should be treated the same, including race and sexuality – and isn’t too shy to back away from ‘difficult’ subjects like sexism in the industry. You go, Adele!


Who run the world? Girls! Probably one of the most epic and most-known Beyonce lyrics in the bunch. And rightly so, we might add! Next to this hit, our Queen of Pop recently dropped Lemonade, which encourages girls and women to speak for themselves – no matter what. And that’s why you’re golden, Bey!

Lady Gaga

Although Mommy Monster has never identified as feminist herself, she’s still quite the empowering female figure. By frequently ignoring standards of female beauty, she’s proclaiming that no, not every woman has to be desirable. She’s encouraging everybody to be a little ‘monstrous’, as long as you feel comfortable with that. Because everybody’s just born that way, right?

Héloïse Letissier

Lettissier, better known as androgynous and pansexual French superstar of Christine and the Queens, is known for embracing the awkward and everything ‘off’. When she wrote iT, she was talking about being angry for being a girl – and wanting to escape her gender. Now, she’s fighting to be considered as much as here male counterparts and for basic notions of equality between the two genders. You’re a true queen, Héloïse!


What Sia brought us, besides some amazing hits? The message that privacy isn’t a privilege to be earned, it’s a right. By straying away from celebrity status, she gave a dig to the media which mostly emphasizes on the personal life of female artists - more than their work. By keeping her face hidden, she forced everyone to just listen to what she’d like to share with the world. Mission succeeded, Sia!

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