Focusrite's new Plug-in Collective - Audiority


Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective has provided Focusrite customers access to some of the best plug-in companies and their products since July 2016. Every two months they offer customers access to at least one new plug-in for free. 

From 4th July until 5th September 2019 Audiority are offering two free plug-ins along with a 50% discount on any single product in the store or a 15% discount on the Effects Bundle.

Free plug-ins included are:


Distortion 1

Deleight is a stereo multi-tap delay, based on late 90s digital hardware, with four taps per side, discrete Left, Right and Feedback channels, LFO modulation and a looper mode. Distortion 1 models an iconic Japanese stompbox from the late 70s, capturing every nuance of the original hardware and making it supremely quick and easy to bring edge and bite to your guitar tones.


Key features:


• Stereo multi-tap delay (4+4 taps)

• Delivers everything from echoes and spatialising effects to chorus, flanging, ADT and beyond

• Up to 5 seconds delay buffer and seven time ranges

• Separate Left, Right and Feedback channels

• Set delay times freely or synced to host

• Normal and cross-channel feedback modes

• Syncable LFO with 11 waveforms for independently modulating Left, Right and Feedback tap delay times

• Low and high cut filters, and Feedback channel damping

• Loop mode with Speed and Reverse controls

• Resizeable user interface



Distortion 1

• Independent Tone, Distortion and Level controls

• Pre and Post effect gain

• Mix control

• Resizable interface

Algam Benelux