Which instrument is perfect for you?


So, you have decided you want to learn to play a (new) instrument. You’re done being the admiring one when someone whips out his or her instrument – and today is the day you’ll learn how to be the one that gets admired! But… which instrument are you going to choose? We’re breaking down the most popular options for you!  

1. Percussion instruments

Many people shy away from learning a percussion instrument, because they are quite loud and take up a lot of room. But being an amazing drummer is so worth the trouble! After all, percussion is the living heartbeat to almost every music style: mostly, it’s the beat that controls the speed and intensity of the song you hear. Wouldn’t it be great to be the one who holds the controls for a change?

2. Stringed instruments

When you’re choosing stringed instruments, you should definitely start with the guitar, as this will open up the way to a lot of other possibilities. Further on are stringed instruments an excellent choice for those amongst us who can’t read notes (yet): you can perfectly learn to play the guitar by just remembering the chords! And of course, the guitar is great for almost every music genre there is: rock, pop, classical or jazz? Not a problem!

Big fan of the guitar? Then you should definitely consider investing some time in studying the bass. Why that is, you ask? Well, to start with, we believe that playing the bass makes you a better all-around musician: it teaches you how to dictate the general direction of the music you’re playing, which gives you a big role in the general feel of the song. Following, when you know how to work the bass, you’ll become a better composer because you’ll understand the foundation of music. And lastly… You look very cool whilst playing this kick-ass instrument. Which is very good for your ego, which I'll give you the extra confidence you need on a stage. Ready to bass? Hell, yeah!

3. Wind instruments

So, when you’re into that jazzy vibe, you should definitely try and pick up a brass instrument. Not that into jazz? Not a problem: some of these types of instruments are also used in modern and popular music styles. And let’s admit it – you’d look mighty awesome holding that cool saxophone!

4. Keyboard instruments

Amongst the different keyboard instruments, the piano definitely firmly holds its reign. And why shouldn’t it? Because this majestic instrument not only offers quite the variety of expression, but it’s also a social instrument: who doesn’t love to sing along to some whipped up tunes on this one? Further on, the piano is a great instrument for learning sheet music and developing a perfect sense of rhythm. And after you’re mastered the piano, you can walk on through to the organ, keyboard or accordion!


There you go, now you know why all of the above are a perfect choice for you. Let us know which one bears your preference!

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