Tips for buying your first instrument!


Hurray! You decided to play music. Smart choice, congrats. Now it is time to your very first music instrument. Welcome to the real challenge. But have no fear, thanks to these tips, your quest will definitely succeed!  

Determine what music style you want to play

Get started by setting everything straight. What style of music do you prefer? What music instrument do you want to play? Do you want to be able to take it with you? What sound are you looking for? ...

It might be useful to make a list with artist who play the same music style you want to learn. When you search for your favorite artist online, you could certainly find the music instrument they are using, and more info about it.

Think about your physique

It’s important to consider your physique. When you have small hands, you might want to consider a smaller violin, for instance. When you have a weak back, a heavy guitar might not be a clever choice.

Take a look at different brands

Brands often have multiple models of several instruments. Some are more sustainable, some have cool gadgets. So in the long term, it’s better to invest a bit more than to later buy extra's.

Set a budget

Determine how much money you can and want to spend on a music instrument.

Don’t buy without looking

Never buy an instrument without testing it, even if it looks nice on a picture. Every music instrument is unique.

Find an experienced buddy to join you

Don’t go on your quest alone, rather take someone with you who has some experience. The advice of an expert can always come in handy.

Don’t decide instantly

Don’t make a decision right away. Play the instrument a couple of times before you throw your money at it.


And there you go.

All set, now enjoy your instrument!