This cool Guns N’ Roses pick set is a must-have for every guitar fanatic out there!

So. We probably won’t need to introduce epic hardrockband Guns N’ Roses to you. This band has been rocking out since 1985, and truly reminded everyone what rock ‘n’ roll was all about. Their monumental sound showed us what gritty and blues-influenced hard rocks actually needs to sound like – and undoubtedly was an influence for a lot of new (and seasoned) guitar players.

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Celebrating the heroes

 And it’s because of their renowned hero status, these awesome Guns n’ Roses collectible picks & tins made their appearances. The pick set features Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan’s custom art on Dunlop picks and celebrates their historic reunion.

Can’t wait to hold these babies in your hand – and let that Guns N’ Roses spirit coarse through them to rock out even more? Make sure to stop by our store to pick (haha. get it?) up your own set!



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