The 8 easiest music instruments to start learning!


There’s a moment in everybody’s life where they want to learn to play a music instrument. But most of the time people bury these dreams because they think playing music is way too hard. Especially for those amongst us who’ve almost given up on their music dream, we’ve selected 8 instruments that are easiest to start learning:

The ukulele

“Oh look, it’s a baby guitar!” Well no, not really. The ukulele sure is guitar-like, but it only has four strings, which makes it far less complex and easier to learn than the good old guitar. So if you’re into string instruments, you wanna start here. And who knows, maybe later you can progress to something bigger.

The xylophone

If you haven’t played this instrument when you were little, well…  Did you even have a childhood? You will have no difficulties trying to master this percussion instrument, and it’s a great step towards the bigger balafon for example.

The pianica

Yes, this one’s actually a baby piano. But unlike it’s bigger brother, the pianica (or a melodica) is very simple to learn. Thanks to its size, you can literally play it with just one hand while the other one’s tied to your back. So there’s no need to learn both-hand coördination.

The kazoo

Learning to play the kazoo is easy as pie. It really doesn’t get easier than this little fella. All there is to it is blowing air into the kazoo, which produces a buzzing sound.

The tambourines

Another percussion instrument that brings out the childhood memories (well, at least ours). The tambourines really takes no effort to learn, but on the other side they’re irreplaceable in a lot of music bands. So if you’re planning on joining one soon, this instrument’s the way to go.

The Irish whistle

If you’re in a hurry to learn a great sounding, but easy to learn, instrument (for example an upcoming date), then the Irish whistle is your ‘weapon’ of choice. This Irish Folk/Celtic instrument can be completely mastered within a week or two of practice.

The harmonica

If you want to easily impress your friends with breathtaking solo’s, the harmonica is hands down your partner in crime. The harmonica can be used in many music genres such as jazz, rock, folk and pop. So go ahead, give it a try! Maybe you’ll end up being the next Toots Tielemans!

The triangle

“Are you kidding, is this even an instrument?” No, we’re not. The triangle is easily the most underrated instrument in music history. Yes it’s childsplay, but only if you have perfect timing.

And you?

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