The 3 most expensive instruments!


Money can’t buy you happiness. Or so they say. But it can make your musical dreams come true. These are the 3 most expensive musical instruments of the world!  

Vieuxtemps Violin by Giuseppe Guarneri

A retired British music philanthropist bought this expensive Vieuxtemps Violin. It is made by Giuseppe Guarneri, who is a good friend of Stradivari, the famous Italian craftsman of stringed instruments. This violin was sold for 16 million dollars! Violinist Henri Vieuxtemps was the first owner of this wanted instrument. I bet he would be surprised if he heard what his violin is worth these days!

Duport Stradivari Cello

The Duport Stradivari Cello is a special one, it even includes a legendary tale. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte himself asked the cellist if he could play the cello. Duport gave the cello to Napoleon but while playing, he made a dent on it. This dent is still visible on the instrument. The price of this wounded beauty? 20 million dollars! Not bad, for a dented cello.

Stradivari Viola

Let's end this list with the most expensive instrument of the world: The Stradivari Viola! This violin is one of the 10 Stradivarius violas known to still be around. In other words: the expensive price of the instrument is due to its rarity. I recommend you to sit down before you discover how much it was sold for. Ready? The violin got sold for 45 million dollars!


After reading these insane stories, ask yourself this question: How far would you go to get the instrument of your dreams? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!