Tailor made German quality sound, by HK Audio


BS_Banner Since 1979, HK Audio has been known for making topnotch German quality soundsystems. Their products are used on concerts and other events worldwide. So if you’ve ever been to one of those, you’ve probably already experienced the amazing sound quality that these systems provide.

Introducing: Business Solutions

Now, HK Audio wants to take their business to a whole new level with their new division, which targets the installation market. This new product range is perfectly fit for hotels, restaurants, sport/wellness facilities, clubs and even churches. Through this way, HK Audio enables you to enjoy the best sound quality, anywhere & anytime! Maybe even your own workspace?

Endless customization

Because HK Audio wants to fit in perfectly in every environment, their Business Solutions division comes with a ton of customization options. Think about different color styles and the possibility to add your own logo on it. Your new sound system will blend in perfectly! You can even choose between a wide range of special coating options for when your system needs to be weather proof.

For more information about HK Audio and HK Audio Business Solutions in particular, be sure to visit their website:  www.hkaudio.com/business-solutions.