Saturday Night Special, by Seymour Duncan


Already heard of the Saturday Night Special pickups from Seymour Duncan? If not, you're missing out, but don't worry, we're here for you. We'll make you deliver that authentic 70's sound. How? First of all, the Saturday Night Special humbucker uses Alnico 4 magnets. This makes sure they outshine traditional humbuckers, as they're voiced to be a little hotter and fatter in the bridge position. In addition to that, it's also a little clearer and less "wooly" in the neck, making it more aggressive than the 50s-style model, however, without the compression of most high gain pickups.

In short, these pickups are perfect for replicating those legendary late-70s arena rock tones!

Need proof, enjoy this video:

Convinced? Great!

The Saturday Night Special pickups are made in Santa Barbara, California. They come standard with four-conductor wiring, maple spacer and short mounting legs. Available with nickel covers, gold covers, black uncovered bobbins and Zebra uncovered bobbins.