Road to the festival

Now that the weather is picking up, our minds are drifting away to the festivals again. So we’ve written down 10 things that every festival-goer probably recognises all too well:  

1: On the road

You probably forgot to pack all your underwear and left your toothbrush at home but you don’t care. It’s time to get excited!



2: The entrance to the festival

The closer your get to the security check, the more nervous you become and pray they don’t discover that extra pack of beers you’ve hidden in your sleeping bag.



3: Putting up your tent

Oh boy! You bought a brand new tent and already managed to loose a couple of tent pegs.



4: Time for beer

So you managed to put up your tent upside down? Whatever! You’ll fix this later but for now it’s time to reward yourself with your first beer of the festival.



5: Let’s check out the festival

You completely forgot about your tent debacle and start exploring the festival’s terrain.



6: Baby it’s hot outside

It’s hot, you figured out the groundplan of the festival and managed to get separated from all of your friends in the progress. You must treat yourself to another beer.



7: Time for some music

You can’t believe your eyes as you managed to stumble upon a surprise gig from Jack White. Hell yeah!



8: The night falls

Nightfall has set and you're having the time of your life while dancing to some German experimental indie techno krautrock dance trio.



9: Now where did I put up my tent?

After walking around for an hour, trying to locate your camping spot it suddenly strikes you that you forgot to fix your tent and it’s still somewhat standing upside down.



10: Time to go home

You wake up with a hangover and it hits you, the festival is over and you have to go home.



BONUS: But no worries, there’s always next year!


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