Pimp your holiday playlist with these five underrated Christmas songs!


Christmastime has yet again arrived upon us, which can only mean one thing… Delicious mulled wine, chilly winds, loads of presents and Christmas jingles wherever you go. And although we assume Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you still stands on top of everybody’s guilty pleasure holiday playlist, we’d like to introduce you to these five underrated Christmas songs that definitely will liven up every Christmas party. Ready? Set. Jingle!


Sleigh Ride – The Late Greats

In 2011, the movie New Year’s Eve hit our theaters. And although the storyline itself wasn’t all that remarkable, it did bring us this jolly song with attitude. This catchy fella’ with a punky aftertaste is a must-add to every holiday playlist!


Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight) – The Ramones

We’re sorry to break it to you this crude, but… this song has BALLS. The Ramones introduced us to this anthem in 1987, as a B-side to the single I Wanna Live. Sadly enough, it never hit the charts – but nowadays, when you listen very carefully, you might just hear it playing in your favourite bar or as a background song on TV. Rightly so, we might add!


Christmas in New York – Shilelagh Law

Are you quite appreciative to the Irish, folksy kind of music? Well, then you should definitely check out this hidden gem! Christmas in New York carries the traditional message of celebrating life, love, family & friends – and delivers it in a charming, warm and melodic package. Lovely!


Father Christmas – The Kinks

This Christmas punk rock song was released in 1977 and provided us with a not so subtle wink to the expending commercialism of the seventies. Although the message behind this song is quite serious, it’s also an upbeat and catchy tune that sticks with you. No wonder it has been covered by so many other bands!


I won’t be home for Christmas – Blink 182

Even though you do love the holidays, there will always be at least one moment in December where you’ll be completely over the whole jolly-jingly-Christmassy kind of vibe. And when this moment arrives, there is not a song better than this one to blast (very loudly, on repeat) out of those speakers. And when you are done being annoyed, you can slide right on through to Mariah Carey again.

You’re welcome!