NY Steel on D'Addario EXP sets.

D’Addario is proud to introduce New York Steel to its EXP acoustic strings and select Banjo sets. Engineered to stay in tune better, these sets will sing with D’Addario’s iconic acoustic sound--both stronger and longer. Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 14.45.03Building upon a legacy started generations ago, and solidified with the inventions of 80/20 strings in the 1920’s and Phosphor Bronze in the 1970’s, D’Addario is proud to introduce its latest innovation–-proprietary high-carbon steel wire, NY Steel–-to its line of EXP acoustic sets. This wire has been meticulously engineered to be stronger and more consistent than any other standard musical wire, leading to a string with superior pitch stability.

Over the last three years, D’Addario has been busy re-engineering the wire drawing and manufacturing process of both the high-carbon steel wire used for plain strings, as well as the hex-shaped wire that is used for wound strings. These innovations have resulted in the completion of a new steel wire mill adjacent to the company’s string manufacturing facilities in Farmingdale, New York.

“Artists, guitar techs, luthiers, pros and amateurs alike have acclaimed that NYXL strings have ‘changed the lives’ of musicians by reducing string break-in time and the need to tune regularly,” says Brian Vance, Director of Product Management. “This breakthrough technology is now introduced into our EXP sets to give all players the same benefits as our NYXL electric players.”

The original EXP coated strings launched in 2001 gave customers a longer-lasting alternative to their favorite D’Addario strings. Now with the use of NY Steel, guitarists can also expect unprecedented pitch stability not seen in any string wire.