Meet the new kids on the BLOCK @Roli!


By now, you’ve probably heard about Roli: an impressive team of music lovers that wants to change the way people make music, by creating new devices for the digital age. And today, we’re proud to introduce you to the newest kids on the BLOCK (you’ll get that joke in a second.)

20170511_Seaboard Block-0131

Meet BLOCKS: the instrument that grows with you

BLOCKS is a modular music making system that’s developed by the ROLI team. And this piece of art is definitely a force to be reckoned with: it literally grows with you whenever needed, meaning that you can connect different BLOCKS together to suit all your musical needs. This way, you don’t only grow as an artist, but the music grows with you, too.


Meet our brand-new BLOCKS: Seaboard & Touch

Because Roli couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to the newest members of their family. Allow us to elaborate!


Seaboard BlockSeaboard Block Top Down on whiteThe Seaboard Block is the latest evolution within the Seaboard technology. It’s the smallest, most portable, most versatile and most accessibly priced specimen that has been made so far. This powerfully expressive controller can work on its own, but can also connect to other Blocks in the modular BLOCKS system. This next-generation keyboard lets you shape your sound the way you want it to be – with an astonishingly expressive sound as a direct result.


Touch Block

Touch Block Top

The Touch Bock is a control block that makes it easier to adjust the five dimensions of touch of your Lightpad and Seaboard Block. Basically, the Touch Block allows you to change the way each instrument responds to touch. The Touch Block comes with 8 new features. Want to know more about these eight wicked functions? You can learn about them right HERE!


Fascinated by these fancy little BLOCKS that will absolutely block – uhm… rock your world? Make sure to come by our store sometime, we can’t wait to tell you all about them!