Macbeth Groezrock competition - with Blackstar Amps

Macbeth Groezrock competition powered by Blackstar
Haarlem the Netherlands March 4rd 2013

Big thanks to the hundreds of bands that signed up for our competition! Sunday March 3rd a panel of music industry professionals reviewed all the submissions and made a selection of 30 possible candidates for our stage at Groezrock. The 30 bands that made it and therefore enter the voting round of the competition are listed below.

This part of the competition starts midnight March 11th and the bands have till midnight March 17th to get as many votes as possible on
The top 30 bands now have to show us how devoted their fans are, they have to test their PR skills, their creativity and they will have to use their network, cause the more votes, the more chance they have to play our stage!
On March 18th, we will announce the 10 bands that gained the most votes and thus qualify for a spot on the Macbeth stage powered by Blackstar at the Groezrock Festival 2013!

The 1 band that gains the top most votes will also win
A Blackstar HT-50 head
A Blackstar HTV412 cabinet
And Macbeth shoes for the whole band.

We are thrilled to announce that the 10 winning bands will be sharing the stage with our Swedish friends Like Torches (former ,You ate my Dog) and Nations Afire (featuring members of Rise Against, Ignite, Death By Stereo and Reach The Sky) More to be announced.

The 30 bands entering the voting round are (in random order):

  1. Call It Reckless - United Kingdom
  2. Fights And Fires - United Kingdom
  3. Dead End Sin - Belgium
  4. Continents - United Kingdom
  5. Dorm Patrol - Sweden
  6. Glasses + Mustaches - The Netherlands
  7. Smile And Bur - Germany
  8. Empty Handed - Germany
  9. North Alone - Germany
  10. Drive Like Maria - The Netherlands / Belgium
  11. His Statue Falls - Germany
  12. The Detectors - Germany
  13. Alaska - France
  14. Hold The Fight - England
  15. Vine-Yard - The Netherlands
  16. The 101's - The Netherlands
  17. Merge - France
  18. Who vs Who - The Netherlands
  19. Death Of An Artist  - United Kingdom
  20. All The Shelters - France
  21. Colors Dead Bleed - Belgium / The Netherlands
  22. Daylight - Spain
  23. The Road Home - The Netherlands
  24. Fexet - The Netherlands
  25. Better Left Alone - England
  26. Sellfish - The Netherlands
  27. Page 44 - United Kingdom
  28. All For Nothing - The Netherlands
  29. Cheap Drugs - Belgium
  30. Harsh Realms - The Netherlands

Any questions? feel free to reach out to
Groezrock Festival takes place on the 27th & 28th of April in Meerhout Belgium.

The Macbeth stage is powered by Blackstar amplification!

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