Introducing: the brand-new Benny Greb signature sticks!


Are you completely obsessed with the newest developments within the percussion world – or are you looking for a new pair of sticks to up your drumming game? All good! Because either way, we’re here with a solution!


The new Vic Firth stick met and surpassed its expectations

And this is all because of German drumming sensation Benny Greb: his knowledge, artistry and detailed contributions to the design process of these brand-new beauties made sure we ended up with this very exciting and unique-in-its-kind stick. Allow us to share everything you need to know about it!


16 inches, a tear-shaped tip and a more focused cymbal sound

The new Benny stick compares to a 5B in diameter, but stands out because of its unique adjustments for optimizing feel, sound and durability. To get a little more response, additional length is obtained by moving the tip further up the stick. And while we’re at it: this tip has a tear drop shape, which is slightly smaller than is standard on a stick of this diameter. This unique shape provides a much more focused cymbal sound.


And all of this groundbreaking goodness comes within a well-balanced 16 inches’ package. Isn’t this great? Yes. Yes, it is.

Make sure to come and check the new Benny Greb sticks out at our store!