HK Audio delivers the biggest orchestra in the world!


The 9th of july, more than 7,500 musicians achieved a world record. The orchestra can now be called the biggest in the world. The “We’re Filling The Stadium” event (with over 30 000 people present) was possible thanks to the COHEDRA system of HK Audio. It provided the sounds for public viewing experiences, shown on a 550m2 screen. Some of Germany’s biggest pop stars performed that day to celebrate the achieved world record. A big event needs a team with expertise. COHEDRA was the ideal solution and prepared an impressive setup with the main PA backed up with an HK Audio Contour sub-array, delay lines, out fill and near-field elements. During the day, fans could take photographs of themselves against a giant green screen and experience the brand.

The event mentioned above was not unique. A month-and-a –half of the events is coming up for HK Audio. The company plans to deliver an incredible aural experience to all the people attending the Commerzbank-Arena over the June and July period.