Have you met… Sylphyo?



Breathtakingly expressive: the first MIDI wind controller to provide the feeling of an acoustic instrument.


Wind players have long bemoaned the lack of a high-quality wind instrument controller. Now, music technology start-up Aodyo could have the answer. Their Sylphyo controller lets wind pass all the way through, like an actual wind instrument! 
This makes for a more natural playing experience.


The Sylphyo is designed to reproduce the air flow of acoustic instruments, allowing you to achieve pianissimo or fortissimo dynamics, to play staccato or legato, and to realize many tonguing techniques.

You can customize breath control to adapt your practice and habits, and set it to send any MIDI control change or aftertouch message.



the slider and inertial sensors offer unmatched expressive capabilities.

Shake the Sylphyo once to activate inertial mode, where you can control sounds by shaking and orienting it in the air. Moving the Sylphyo around can also control two other MIDI parameters. For more intimate control, the high-precision slider below the thumbrest can be used to separately control up to three parameters, including pitch-bend.


Wind synthesist Pedro Eustache explaines and uses the Sylphyo to control the legendary Moog IIIc synth, kindly lended by composer Hans Zimmer. He obtains breathtakingly expressive sounds!