Haaave you met… the incredible Novation Circuit?


Because this inspiring synthesizer has it all, you guys! Why that is, you ask? Easy. IT’S JUST SO AMAZING, WE CAN’T EVEN… Okay. Sorry. We absolutely can. That is: Dago Sondervan, Hi-Tech Product Specialist at AB, can. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about this precious little baby. Ready? Set? AWESOME! Novation Circuit

Novation inspires in a playful way

It’s easy: the Novation Circuit is basically designed to inspire. It’s an extremely user-friendly device, which makes sure you’ll be able to whip up some awesome sounding electronic tunes within minutes. All you have to do, is playing around with all those cool effects, patterns and sounds – and you’ll end up with a cool track that’ll make everybody go ‘oooooeeh.’.


Easy to use in every way

This tool is easy to use for people who’re on the road a lot: it doesn’t always need a power supply, because it also works on batteries.


It has two synthesizers and four drum voices, which is sufficient for making a complete track. It’s easy to connect with your computer when you get home, so you can use all the stuff you composed on the road. Definitely a very fun fella to carry around!


Want to know more about this inspiring fella?

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