Haaave you met… Focusrite’s brand-new Red 4Pre Audio Interface?


No? Well, then Dago Sondervan, Hi-Tech Product Specialist at AB, is very pleased to tell you everything you have to know about this flaming red little fella. Focusrite Red 4Pre Audio Interface

A perfect balance of form and function…

… is all you can expect of this newbie within Focusrite’s range. Because we’re not only talking about a beautiful design… oh no. There’s so much more to talk about, you know! For instance, the Red 4Pre Interface is also delivering an undeniable sound quality and force that has to be reckoned with.


So, it’s not surprising that the Thunderbolt soundcart has a lot of possibilities. Amongst others, it has four mic preamps and Dante audio-over-IP abilities: the protocol to send audio-over-internet connections.


Dago takes both units with him to concerts and is hereby able to record 24 channels of audio – which makes it very convenient!


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