Focusrite & iZotope: a perfect iMatch!

You’ve probably heard about Focusrite’s Clarett already: after all, the Clarett series is known for delivering the most popular audio interfaces around the world. This compact and miraculous piece of work offers exceptional sound quality, all wrapped up in a compact and gorgeous design. And now, Focusrite & iZotope are teaming up… Excited yet?!


An iWord about iZotope

Briefly put, iZotope has only one goal in life: developing innovative products and audio technologies that inspire people – and push said people to get madly creative in their work. And it’s exactly because of this extremely awesome goal, that the collaboration between Focusrite & iZotope is one to be really excited about… Because this partnership means an amazing opportunity considering the future of music recording.


Clarett + iZotope = excellent sound + amazing offers

So basically, this is the deal you’re getting: are you a customer of Clarett interfaces? Then you can claim these two crazy offers throughout July and August:


- 30% off Neutron (worth $249)

- a free copy of DDLY Dynamic Delay (worth $49)


These two awesome iZotope plug-ins will open up a whole new world for everyone who’s aiming to get more inspired and creative when composing music. Expect an unprecedented focus and clarity in all of your mixes with the help of Neutron – and versatile and interesting effects and delays with the assistance of DDLY.


We can go on and on about the advantages and awesome features of these plug-ins. We could go on a loving rant about how these little bastards are the lovechildren of music and math. We could try to convince you about their clever, innovative and powerful genius, whilst not forgetting to brag about their creative and intuitive character…


But you know what? We mostly want to convince you to come over and try out this sheer genius for yourself. One warning though… You’ll be hooked within minutes! Ready for getting that ultimate control over your mix, whilst upping your creative game? Then make sure to claim your offer before summer is over, sweet summer child!


iQuestions? Make sure to come iBy!