Focusrite announces Windows driver release and monthly plug-in deals for registered customers!


clarett-windows-slice1-1 Focusrite has two things to announce! First of all, the release of their Windows driver, providing stable, low-latency operations of Clarett audio interfaces on PC. And secondly, the Plug-In Collective will bring monthly deals to registered customers!

First things first: The announcing of the release of Focusrite their Windows driver.

After being in beta for a while now, the release will be in just three days: on Thursday, 10th November. There are PC music makers in every territory, who can now enjoy the full potential of Clarett.

Windows users can now rejoice, as they can enjoy latency levels sub 3 ms and the same reliable, stable operation that Mac-based Clarett owners already experience. It's also worth mentioning that the driver also supports Focusrite Control. Easy configuration of monitoring and routing setups is what's central at this software mixer, and it's now available for Windows users, too.


Secondly, there's also an announcement when it comes to the Plug-In Collective, which got launched earlier this year in August.

All over the world, the Plug-In Collective continues to generate strong engagement. Or as Paul McFee puts it: "... thank you Focusrite. The money I spent on my 2i4 is turning into more of a bargain by the month."

Now, Focusrite has teamed up with Positive Grid, a known guitar software company, to offer exclusive to all interface owners: BIAS FX LE.

The BIAS FX has been designed with sound quality as a priority. And at Focusrite: Sound is everything. BIAS FX comes with the latest algorithms from Positive Grid, providing detailed and authentic emulations of analog pedals and studio racks.

It's all about community, as users can share and download thousands of pedalboards on the cloud, via "ToneCould".