Dunlop just released a new addition to the Cry Baby family!


"This Cry Baby sounds brilliant!" is a sentence you'll probably not hear much. However, it's true. Thanks to the newest addition to the Cry Baby family of Dunlop: the CBM105Q Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah. Being the most popular bass wah for years and being used by so many world-top bass players, it's the deep and expressive tones that add groove and texture to bass lines. Without taking much more space than a Phase 90, you can get that sound.

Introducing half the size of the 105Q: Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah.

It comes in a lightweight aluminium housing, may be small but its thunderous presence simply can not be denied. Just have a look at this clip from Michael League of Snarky Puppy!

In addition, the pedal has been carefully designed to retain and complement your low end, this with volume and with Q controls, to further fine-tune your wah sound.

This sweet little beast will sound great, with your rig, too.


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