Clarett OctoPre - Eight Air-enabled mic pres and eight analogue outputs


The mic pre-expansion with added 'Air', a nice tag line that says it all: Focusrite is at it again! And how? By providing 8-channel 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A with eight Microphone Preamplifiers and eight analogue line outputs. In addition, the great-sounding Clarett mic preamps include Focusrite's switchable 'Air' effect, giving microphones the air and clarity of an ISA transformer-based mic preamp.

The front panel instrument inputs feature extra headroom to handle high-output pickups, while the rear panel includes universal XLR/jack connectors for the remaining auto-switching mic/line inputs.

Another interesting feature is the fact that in addition to providing eight mic pres, the Clarett OctoPre offers D-A conversion of up to eight channels, making it perfect for mixing as well as tracking. The line outputs can optionally provide line level output feeds from the mic pres. Very useful for feeding a live console while recording the digital outputs.

And to finish it off in style: The Clarett OctoPre is balanced end-to-end for maximum noise immunity. What a beauty.


Clarett OctoPre Feature Checklist

  • 8-channel I/O mic/line expansion with ADAT interfacing
  • Eight Clarett-style mic pres with 'Air' transformer emulation effect
  • Eight line outputs fed from D-A or mic pres
  • 24-bit A-D and D-A up to 192kHz sample rate - ideal for hi-res audio
  • Dual-port ADAT I/O - eight channels at up to 96kHz, four channels at 176.4/192kHz
  • Switched insert with true bypass¬†on every channel
  • Mic Pres and front panel instrument inputs with extra headroom
  • Six-segment LED metering and channel clip indicators
  • 48v Phantom Power to all inputs
  • Word Clock I/O and JetPLL jitter elimination

Clarett OctoPre, What's in the box?

  • Clarett OctoPre
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Power Cable

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