AB and Medianet @ VRT: REDNET


Algam Benelux is a proud distributor of Focusrite's RedNet. What that is? I'm glad you ask: It's an audio distribution system, which is extremely scalable, and has a near zero latency. In addition to that, it can be used to expand I/O channel count, interface digital components and/or bridge between ToolsHD or MADI and the Dante audio network.  

Sound is Everything

RedNet is no exception to Focusrite's philosophy, which is "Sound is Everything". The company incorporated the most advanced AD/DA conversion to date, rock-stable JetPLL clocking and even a premium multi-layered board circuitry.

Every design detail is meticulously engineered, proving once again that RedNet is a stop above its I/O competition. And on top of all that, they also provide some of the most transparent and pristine audio quality.



Need a system that can easily scale from a simple pairing of a console to a computer, or to a large capacity networks running thousands of audio channels? No problem: Dante.

Dante uses logical routes instead of physical point-to-point connections. This way, the network can be expanded and reconfigured at any time, with just a few mouse clicks!


A competing protocol to Dante?

Audinate does not see networking protocols as competing technologies, but as competitive equivalents. The AES76 and AVB are both a collection of standards, which are not actual implementations. In fact, the AES67 will be incorporated as an option within Dante, rather than an alternative to it.