7 reasons to start playing an instrument


Still in doubt to learn to play music? Don’t! Here are 7 great reasons to start learning to play an instrument:  

1 – You’ll get a higher IQ

Research has shown that playing an instrument can improve brain activity. It’s often used in therapy as well, since it stimulates the functional part of your brain.


2 – You’ll get better at maths

Being able to play an instrument will make you better at maths, thanks to counting rhythms and notes. A study has shown that those who can play an instrument have higher scores than those who can’t.


3 – It creates self esteem

Achieving musical challenges can boost your self esteem. This because the more emotional part of your brain gets stimulated thanks to the music itself.


4 – Less stress!

Listening to music can reduce stress. But playing music can do that even better. Because playing an instrument is playing with emotions, so you can easily play a happy tune to make yourself feel more relaxed and happier.


5 -  You’ll learn to work together

Playing in a group is hard and you’ll need to be able to work together. Playing together and listenting to each other is something that you’ll quickly learn as well.


6 – Learn to breath correctly

Breathing is key when you’re playing an instrument, such as the saxophone. To play this instrument correctly, you’ll have to learn to breath in and out correctly.


7 – Your coordination gets improved as well

While playing an instrument, your eyes and hands must coordinate perfectly. Another reason why playing an instrument is awesome, since you’ll get to practice until you have perfect coordination!


So come on, what are you waiting for? Go play!

What instrument do you want to learn?