6 reasons why you should play bass


There are several reasons why the bass guitar isn’t the most popular instrument out there. For instance, you won’t get girls by playing the bass, neither will you spend hours signing autographs. But make no mistake, bass is an essential part of a band and it’s actually really fun to play. Here are 6 great reasons why you should play the bass:  

  1. It’s easier to learn

A bass guitar has only four strings while a normal guitar has six. For this reason you don’t even need a plectrum to play it, which makes it way easier to learn than a normal guitar.


  1. It completes the picture

Ever heard a band playing without a bass guitar? It’s just plain awful. That’s because bass is the missing link between all the other instruments. Without it, everything just falls apart and sounds rather odd. No bass, no rhythm.


  1. You can practice in silence

Unlike the drums or a normal electric guitar, the bass is a pretty silent instrument when played acoustically. So no need to worry about annoying your beloved parents or neighbours.


  1. There’s always work

There are normal guitar players and drummers aplenty, but with bass it’s a different kind of story. It’s often said that finding a good bass player is one of the hardest things to do for a band. So if you’re one of those (or want to be), you’re probably employed for life!


  1. The drummer loves you

Speaking of drummers, even the best of them often lose their sense of rhythm in the heat of the moment. As a bass player you have the ability to adjust the rhythm by playing faster or slower, on which the drummer will automatically adjust.


  1. Bass players always look cool

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. When you’re standing there with your musical weapon playing one awesome riff after another, there’s just no way you don’t look cool.


By now your fingers are probably itching to get a hand on a bass guitar. Well, we wouldn’t be AB Music if we didn’t have one of these available. Be sure to take a look at our catalogue for our amazing Rickenbacker bass guitars (4003 & 4003S series).

Trust us, Chris Squire and Lemmy Kilmister approve!