6 Reasons why Playing The Piano is Awesome!


Previously, we've talked about reasons to play the bass. Not your thing? That's okay, there are so many instruments. How about giving the piano a try? Here are 9 reasons why playing the piano is awesome.  

1 - The music is beautiful.

From ballads to Rock 'n Roll, everything sounds great on a piano.

2 - It's fun!

You can absolutely lose yourself while playing the piano.

3 - It keeps your brain active.

Interpreting the musical notes, while playing, demands exercise. Your brain is constantly trained.

4 - You'll never stop learning.

You will keep on discovering new songs to learn, techniques to master, ... An endless challenge!

5 - Playing the piano is satisfying.

Getting that difficult part right for the first time is the best feeling in the world.

6 - People will think you're a genius!

Admit it, you admire people that can play the piano. Now imagine the looks and admiration you'll get when you tell people you can also play the piano. It does make you look sophisticated and so elegant.


So what are you waiting for? Go learn the piano! It's waiting for you ...