5 Rookie Mistakes When You are Learning to Play Music


Finally decided to start learning to play a music instrument? Fantastic! Great choice. Now to make your learning process more efficient, effective and most importantly: Enjoyable. Here are 5 rookie mistakes you better avoid doing:  

1 - Putting your instrument out of sight.

Chose the location of your instrument wisely, because it is true what they say: Out of sight, is out of mind. Avoid putting your instrument in a room you rarely enter, or in a corner you never look.

2 - Practicing for too long.

You should enjoy playing your instrument and look forward to the next time you'll be able to practice. But keep in mind that you should still take regular breaks. Clear your head and take a break in stead of practicing that same part over and over again.

3 - Not counting out loud.

Might sound weird, but many beginners are making the mistake of playing parts too fast, even though they could be pretty easy. Count out loud, develop your sense of rhytm.

4 - Forgetting to repeat things you've learned

Refresh your memory at least once a week. That way, you prevent forgetting things you've already learned, and you'll be moving forward much faster.

5 - Always starting from the beginning

As a result, you get very experienced at playing the beginning of a song, but less at the end of song. Why not start in the middle of a song and play from there?


Got more advice? Feel free to share your experience in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter! Good luck!