3 movie soundtracks that will make you shiver!


No music? No shiver! Try it yourself: even the scariest movie, will turn into a ridiculous and funny scenery the moment you turn off the music. Besides, soundtracks of horror movies create a certain atmosphere and make the movie different, original and powerful. Thanks to soundtracks, marketers will be able to make the movie campaigns successful and create an audiovisual icon of the movie. Enough said… here are our favorite horror soundtracks! “Come out, come out wherever you are”, and start reading!

The shining

Let’s start with a classic: the shining! This psychological horror film from 1980 is produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The soundtrack sets the tone for the film from the start. Its sparse electronics and creepy vocal wails even scare us without watching the movie itself.

Trick R Treat

This American-Canadian anthology from 2007 is perfect for Halloween! The movie is about 4 Halloween-related horror stories and has a perfect balance between goofy and spooky. The soundtrack has some orchestral passages in it. The links to Halloween and the “trick or treat” rhyme make the music even better!


We end this list with the soundtrack of Halloween (what else, right?). It’s a 4-years-old movie, directed by John Carpenter, and a typical example of a movie that just can’t go without music. The first people who saw the film, said it wasn’t scary at all. After the music was cut in, they changed their minds immediately. A killer soundtrack in our opinion! Listen for yourself!

And you ?

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