Focusrite's new Plug-in Collective offer featuring Ujam


New Plug-in Collective Offer: Ujam

Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective has provided Focusrite customers access to some of the best plug-in companies and their products since July 2016. Every two months Focusrite offers their customers access to at least one new plug-in for free. 

From 5th September 2019 until 7th November 2019 UJam’s Virtual Guitarist IronVST/AU/AAX plug-in will be free to download. They will also offer 30% off its Guitarists-Bundle, comprising Virtual Guitarist Amber, Sparkle, Silk and Iron, (bringing the price down to €245).

Virtual Guitarist Iron is an expressive MIDI-controlled playback and control system for over 1000 sampled phrases in 100 rock and metal styles, complete with guitar tone shaping and amp/cab simulation, roaring overdrive, effects and the unique Thrust control, which dials in harmonics for cutting-edge, hyper-real sounds. It’s the perfect solution for conjuring up authentic and edgy guitar riffs in an instant.

Key features:

  • Over 1000 phrases in 100 styles

  • Custom Fender Stratocaster with four character settings

  • Amp simulation with five tone settings

  • Reverb, Delay and Chorus effects

  • Overdrive control for easy distortion

  • Thrust knob adds harmonics to the clean guitar sound

  • Adjust timing with Swing and Feel sliders

  • Tune the guitar down with Drop D mode

  • Doubling mode for automatic double tracking

  • Resizable user interface

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