Bram Vanhove and Stefanie Mannaerts in the top ten best Belgian drummers according to Proximus

We are proud to say that two of our Sabian endorsers may call themselves “one of the best Belgian drummers” according to Proximus.

Of course we all know the big names like Stéphane Misseghers (dEUS, Soulwax), Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) and Michael Schack (with his own band and many others) but this top ten focusses on the “lesser known” drummers in Belgium.


Stefanie Mannaerts, drummer and singer of ‘Brutus’, grew up in the music store of her grandpa, Leo Caerts. In other words, music runs through her veins. Stefanie was in the picture a couple of years ago when she was the drummer of The Spectors, but was introduced to the bigger public with her band Brutus.


Bram Vanhove is a well known Belgian session drummer. Today he’s the drummer of Coely, blackwave., Dvtch Norris and Collective Conscience. That’s quite a resume if you ask me. He calls himself a freak looking up the gear of his idols to order the exact same material.

He says being a session musician is sometimes pretty hard because you have to know how far you can go.

Keep an eye on him because Bram is the new generation of drummers.

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