Discover the new MXR Raijin Drive!


Do you have two separate overdrive and distortion pedals taking up space on your pedalboard?

The MXR Raijin Drive packs both effects into a single housing, and unlike many pedals that combine the two, the Raijin Drive's overdrive and distortion signals both sound incredible. The MXR engineers collaborated with celebrated Shin Suzuki, Japan's most celebrated amp and pedal designer, to update a classic Japanese overdrive circuit and a classic Japanese distortion for all the sonic flexibility that today's tone connoisseurs demand. Just flip the switch to select the type of dirt you want, and use the Level, Tone, and Drive controls to dial it in.

Take yourself back to the sounds and straightforward simplicity you enjoyed with your very first pedals—only this one can keep up with the chops and tonal palette you've developed in the meantime.

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