The Focusrite Clarett USB range: 2Pre, 4Pre and 8Pre


The Clarett USB from Focusrite has won the Sound on Sound ‘Best Interface’ award voted exclusively by their readers.

“The process of choosing a USB interface just got harder, thanks to the arrival of another very strong contender. The USB Claretts offer the same excellent audio specifications as their Thunderbolt cousins, in a more universal connection format.”

The Clarett sound is available over USB or Thunderbolt™. Both ranges offer three units varying in their I/O: Clarett 2Pre (10-in, 4-out), Clarett 4Pre (18-in, 8-out) and Clarett 8Pre (18-in, 20-out). Clarett 8PreX (26-in, 28-out) is only available as a Thunderbolt™ device.

Algam Benelux