Marshall launched the new Studio series and new Origin cabinets at NAMM 2019. Check out the videos!

Marshall Studio series

Marshall is bringing back the classics, in a smaller format. Some of the most infamous sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s housed in a 20W amp. For the musicians that want to recreate nostalgic music memories in your own home or studio. With power reduction that helps you switch between 20W and 5W power without any need for an attenuator, making the amp your safest bet for huge tone at home, studio or stage.


Studio Classic

A portable replica of the classic JCM800 2203 which was originally introduced in the 80’s. At the time, it offered more overdrive, making it a heavy metal hero. With a roar rivalling that of the king of the jungle, it’s played by some of the greatest rock musicians of all time. The Studio Classic is available as a 20W head or combo.


Studio Vintage

Based on the vintage JMP 1959SLP which was the amp that defined classic rock tone, with its plexiglass panel seen on the 100W amps in the late 60’s. It was considered a sonic essential by many famous guitarists for its sheer power and tonal possibility. The Studio Vintage is available as a 20W head or combo.


Studio Jubilee

A  small version of the Silver Jubilee. Originally released in 1987 to mark 25 years of Marshall the Silver Jubilee became a favourite with guitar legends such as Slash and John Frusciante for its ferocious tone and split-channel design. The Studio version is available as a 20W head or combo.

Marshall Origin series

Sleek and vintage styling makes these cabinets the perfect partner for your Origin, so you can easily create your own Marshall sound. Two Celestion Seventy-80 speakers pack enough power for you to deliver the clean and harmonic tones of the Origin amps.

This cabinet is available in an angled form which is perfect for projecting sound or use on tight stages.

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