HK Audio presents: 3 packs of the famous LINEAR 3 speakers + all accessories!


Discover 3 LINEAR 3 packs, which will adapt to all your needs while guaranteeing you an impressive sound quality.

LINEAR 3 sound systems are presented in 3 different packs, all with LINEAR accessories. These solutions offered by HK Audio adapt to all uses, with always the same impressive sound quality.

The little sisters of LINEAR 5 have a very balanced acoustics. high definition, great intelligibility of voices but also a prodigious precision in the bass.

In addition to their advanced DSP technology, these rugged loudspeakers benefit from the same German standards of excellence that have made HK Audio solutions famous for years.

LINEAR 3 Compact Venue Pack | SHK L3PACK-COMPACT


Designed for groups in small rooms (bars, clubs, ...) this first pack offers an excellent sound quality. Very easy to set up and adjust, it is ideally suited for audiences up to 300 people, with an amplification power of 4.8kW in total.

The combination of two L3-112FA loudspeakers and two LSUB-1500A subwoofers gives you the power to fill your audience.

  • This package includes 2 x L3 112 FA, 2 x L SUB 1500 A, mast covers (free accessories)

  • Target users: groups performing in small rooms (bars, clubs ...)

  • Estimated audience capacity: 300 people

  • Amplification power : 4.8 kW in total

LINEAR 3 Bass Power Pack | SHK L3PACK-BASS


This second pack will delight DJs who perform in small venues (bars, clubs) and groups that require a higher bass level. Thanks to 2 speakers L3-115FA and 2 subs LSUB-1800A, you will be able to restore the deep bass of your repertoire. Count on an amplification power of 4.8kW in total.

  • This package includes 2 x L3 115 FA, 2 x L SUB 1800 A, mast covers (free accessories)

  • Target users: DJs playing in small rooms (bars, clubs ...) / Groups requiring a high level of bass

  • Estimated audience capacity: 200-300 people

  • Amplification power: 4.8 kW in total

LINEAR 3 High Performance Pack | SHK L3PACK-PERFORM


The last pack of this new series gives you an amplification power of 7.2 kW in total. It’s perfect for rock bands and DJs who want to perform in small and medium-sized venues, with audiences of up to 500 people.

With 4 LSUB-1500A subwoofers, your audience will feel fully immersed in your music.

  • This package incluty 2 x L3 112 FA, 4 x L SUB 1500 A, covers mast (free accessories)

  • Target users: rock and DJ groups for small and medium rooms

  • Estimated audience capacity: 500 people

  • Amplification power: 7.2 kW in total

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