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Vic Firth adds three new products to their range: "PureGrit" and "DoubleGlaze" Line Extensions, RE•MIX Brushes and an extension of the "Symphonic Collection" Line.

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PureGrit & DoubleGlaze Line Extensions

After a successful launch of the PureGrit and DoubleGlaze in 2018, Vic Firth also adds the most popular models - 7A, X5A and X5B. PureGrit and DoubleGlaze offer the solution for drummers who want to improve their grip without changing their favorite drumstick. PureGrit is a raw, textured, lacquer-free stick, ideal for drummers who prefer a natural feel. DoubleGlaze offers an extra coating of Vic Firth's special paint formula for extra grip when you need it.

7APG / 7ADG: 

L = 15.5”
Dia. = .540”


L = 16.5”
Dia. = .565”


L = 16.5”
Dia. = .595”

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RE•MIX Brushes

Vic Firth RE•MIX brushes, for percussionists looking for the ultimate sound exploration, are the first and only brushes designed to mix and match timbres, opening up a world of sonic possibilities. Unlike traditional brushes, the Vic Firth RE•MIX brushes stay together by a specially designed VF band, creating unique combinations of sounds using Broomcorn, African Grass, Birch and a Birch/Rattan hybrid, resulting in a natural sound and feeling. RE•MIX is sold per pair or in a set of 2.


W = .5”
H = .875”
L = 14.125”


W = .5”
H = .875”
L = 14.125”


W = .5”
H = .875”
L = 14.125”


W = .375”
H = .875”
L = 14.125”

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Symphonic Collection Expansion

The SCS2 is lighter and more durable than the SCS1 that was introduced last year. The new SCS2 is made from very hard laminated birch wood.

The Symphonic Collection is also being expanded with two new signature models, the Ted Atkatz Signature II and the Jake Nissly Signature. The Ted Atkatz Signature II has a unique nylon top and a narrow neck, and is ideal for drummers looking for weight, control and the ultimate articulation. The Jake Nissly Signature drumstick is designed with a longer taper and a unique end, giving drummers not only weight and control, but also exceptional balance and playability for symphonic applications.


L = 17”
Dia. = .625”


L = 15 .875”
Dia. = .605”


L = 16.75”
Dia. = .675” at shaft, 
Dia. = .574” at butt

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