Why USB 2.0 (not 3.x) is the best choice for Scarlett and Clarett USB audio interfaces


Why USB 2.0 (not 3.x) Is The Best Choice For Scarlett and Clarett USB Audio Interfaces

It seems that consumers have been hit with a raft of confusing new protocols and connection varieties in the past few years. This is why Focusrite has put together a handy document to provide some insight into why Focusrite has made the decision to stand firmly behind USB 2.0 as the protocol of choice for our USB-equipped Scarlett and Clarett USB ranges of high-quality, cost-effective interfaces.

Here at Focusrite we strive to make the best possible USB drivers to get the best real world latency we can. Due to the poor backwards compatibility of USB 3.x, and zero practical benefits to round-trip latency performance, the USB 2.0 protocol is still the most efficient of the USB options for professional multichannel recording for the channel counts our USB devices provide.

Download the guide below to find out more:

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