Novation Sound Collective October/November - Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools


Sound Collective is a platform that provides free third-party software instrument or creative effects to all of our registered Novation hardware users every two months.

From 3rd October 2019 until 5th December 2019 customers can download Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools plug-ins worth $50.  

Comprising two effects and a synthesiser, Puremagnetik’s Lo-Fi Ambient Tools provides the electronic producer and sound designer with three intuitive, inspiring and experimentally rewarding production tools. The Verv synth emulates sun-baked, tape-recorded vintage string machines; Pastfabric brings together granular and tape splicing-style audio deconstruction; and Fathoms is a self-contained ambience- and drone-generating effect based on pitch shifting, feedback delay and physically modelled reverb. Worth $50, Lo-Fi Ambient Tools is downloadable for free by all Sound Collective members from 3rd October to 5th December.

Verv - Sunbaked Tape Loop Synthesizer

Pastfabric - Micro-Memory Splicer

Fathoms - Spectral Ambient Processor

Key features


• Very easy-to-use two-oscillator string synth

• Sound-thickening Ensemble effect 

• Unique Bake effect emulates sun-damaged tape



• Buffers up to ten seconds of input

• Variable grain triggering, duration and length

• Fabric control for ‘analogue aging’



• Modulated pitchshifting up to one octave up or down

• Feedback delay matrix with amplitude modulation

• Physically modelled spatialisation

• High- and low-frequency filtering and shaping

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