Soundhive Sessions: Watch DiViNCi's lightning-fast Lightpad skills


ROLI Soundhive Sessions launches with films featuring finger-drumming virtuoso DiViNCi

DiViNCi is the first artist to feature in the Soundhive Sessions, a new series where we invite some of our favorite music makers to the ROLI Soundhive to share their skills, craft and advice. Each artist has the opportunity to bring their own unique sound and setup to the intimate setting of the Soundhive — and offer insights into how they create.


As a producer and live performer renowned for his lightning-fast finger drumming, DiViNCi has toured with critically-acclaimed stars like Ms. Lauryn Hill. For the first film in his Soundhive Session, DiViNCi laid down an epic semi-improvised track with Lightpad Blocks, Live Block, a Talk Box, Ableton Live and drums from MSXII Sound.

In the second film DiViNCi takes you behind the scenes of his setup and reveals how he configured his BLOCKS for live jamming. Learn more about how to configure ROLI Dashboard like DiViNCi in the ROLI Learning Hub. You'll also find plenty of other helpful BLOCKS and Seaboard tutorials there, so start exploring.


Stay tuned for more ROLI Soundhive Sessions in the coming months, including a showcase from Brooklyn beat-maker The Phronetic! Don't miss out on new sessions — subscribe to the ROLI Youtube channel and our ROLI Soundhive Sessions playlist. You should check out his performance at NAMM 2017 too. It's another virtuoso display of on-the-fly beatmaking with the Lightpad Block that's sure to take your breath away!

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