FocusriteTV presents : Guitar Masterclass London - Ola Englund & Sithu Aye


Guitar Masterclass London - Ola Englund & Sithu Aye

Check out a recent masterclass with Ola Englund, guitarist of bands Feared and The Haunted, who joined us at the legendary 100 Club in London alongside Sithu Aye to talk an audience through the topic highlight is 'How has recording affected your career?'

Ola discusses his recording tips and tricks, his career of home recording and how he uses YouTube to create professional demos, tutorials and reviews for countless manufacturers.

Sithu discusses his home recording tips and tricks, the gear that he uses to get his sound, his love of anime and how he makes a living out of making music.

Watch an additional interview with Ola here:

W See an interview with Sithu here:


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