Seymour's Studio Episode 1

33 and a 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm?

What is the perfect speed on your record player to rewind a broken Telecaster pick up? In episode 1 of Seymour’s studio find out. Also, how a crafty high School student in the early 60’s began an amazing legacy helping to shape the tone of electric guitar for decades to come.

We’re excited to announce the new show Seymour’s Studio! Every Tuesday they launch a new episode straight from Seymour’s studio here in Santa Barbara. The Seymour’s Studio channel on Youtube (and reposted here on the blog!)  will cover a range of topics: stories from Seymour himself (and trust us, he’s got a few of those); other in-house pickup/pedal gurus covering how-to’s and other educational info; even artists interviews. We hope you dig it!

Algam Benelux