New Artist Bank for Nord Drum 3P now available!


Swedish percussionist Axel Fagerberg (Seinabo Sey, Blacknuss) has created a cool sound bank for Nord Drum 3P focusing on special effects and creative soundscapes. 

The Axel Fagerberg Bank includes 21 kits and is available for free download at 


The thing I love about the Nord Drum 3P is how versatile it is. With this artist bank I wanted to go to the more rare domains of its usage. Kits 5-9 are made up of risers/falls of different kinds with pad number 6 muting them through the mute group function. Trig them in the build up to a chorus and hit pad number 6 to choke the sound when you arrive for example. Use these sounds for inspiration and tweak the living daylights out of them!” 


Important: Make sure that your Nord Drum 3P has the latest OS v1.24 before transferring the Axel Fagerberg Bank.

Download and listen to sound demos here: 

Read more about Axel Fagerberg: 

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