New Focusrite Plug-in Collective Offer Applied Acoustic Systems

Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective has provided Focusrite customers access to some of the best plug-in companies and their products since July 2016. Every two months Focusrite offers their customers access to a new plug-in for free.

Until 3rd January 2019 customers will have access to two free AAS sound packs and $300 discount off AAS Libraries Sound Pack Series Bundle. Don’t miss it!

Choose two titles from the AAS Sound Pack Series, which comprises 35 different titles by 15 different top sound designers and artists. The packs explore many genres and themes for an incredible amount of variety. The sound packs were created with the Ultra Analog VA-2, String Studio VS-2, Chromaphone 2, and Strum GS-2 synths from the AAS Pro Series. They can be played with the included AAS Player plug-in. Whether it’s for a specific production task or a new type of music you would like to explore, these sound packs represent a rich source of inspiration and a great opportunity to explore the world of physical modelling.

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