Check out the 31 new Ernie Ball cable designs!

With the 31 new high-quality cable designs you are more than ready to plug your instrument in your favorite amp and your mic in the best speaker. Connect the effect pedals with each other with Ernie Ball patch cables.

All cables are ultra durable, tangle resistant and have a noise free design. Check all varieties below and find your favorite ones. 


Instrument cables

Classic Ernie Ball instrument cables feature a high-quality design made with superior components that are built to last.

The Ernie Ball braided cables are provided with a braided jacket exterior for a tangle-resistant experience. The braided cables are 1.52m longer than the classic ones.

The vintage looking, high-quality coiled cables will definitely bring up your rock ’n roll level. 9.14m long! 

Speaker cables

Connect speakers with the Ernie Ball straight speaker cables. The 16 gauge conductors deliver a reliably clear signal and the durable PVC jacket exterior ensures long-lasting performance. Available in 0.91m and 1.82m.


Microphone cables

The 7.62m male/female XLR microphone cable provides a reliably clear signal and natural frequency response. 

Patch cables

Ernie Ball patch cables come in a 3-pack and are available in different lengths with a minimum of 0.15m. No matter how many effect pedals you have on your pedalboard, you’ll always find an Ernie Ball patch cable that fits just right.

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